Common Legal Issues

Dear Online Marketing Friend,

As an online marketer that’s been doing this business for a few years now, I would like to give my facts on the risk of litigation. Legal issues on offline business and online business are a major headache among all businessmen. Adding more injury, I am operating in the US area which is more expensive and more demanding.

I will give you some of my most common legal issues in running my online business:

Dissatisfied Employees/Customers- previously I have been doing offline business before I shifted to online business. And as I have experience, there are times that you will land some disgruntled employees. For some reasons your wage is almost smaller compared to others, hours are longer, breaks shorter, and so forth.

For online customers, there are always those who order stuff in your website, and decided that they don’t actually need it anymore. And would like to send your stuff back and expect a refund.

Discrimination Issues – this is a very sensitive topic. How can an employee/customer considered to be harassed? Well legally, there are grounds for legal complains such as discrimination based on sexual, ethnic, race, age, weight, and so forth which can spark a dragging lawsuit that will surely affect your finances and business.

Copyright infringement-this is the most common legal issue in online businesses. This is basically virtual robbery. Most people tend to copy other websites content for ranking and promotion.

Talk to you soon – Mark

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